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Whether it is just in-house payroll services you require or a complete outsourced solution, we can tailor it to suit your needs as well as your budget.

As the economy tightens it’s belt, effectively managing your employees has never been more important. The focus is on reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

Increasingly organizations are realizing that OUTSOURCING their payroll functions is the one approach that makes sense.

Outsourcing your payroll function alleviates the burden of managing human capital effectively and compliance with the various government regulations.

You can still keep your finger on the pulse knowing that you have access to comprehensive, reliable and accurate payroll data that complies with all government regulations and readily available downloadable reports.

Let us at PayrollSmart keep MORE than an eye on things for you and help you save on managing and administering payroll costs.

We can offer you a solution flexible and dynamic enough to meet the changing needs of each individual business.

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We believe that no client is too small. Honesty in communication, dedication to quality service, confidentiality and sensitivity to your requirements are the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. Our business is built on relationships.

For a very modest fee your payroll data will be hosted on a trusted database, safe and secure using cloud based payroll. Sounds Revolutionary? Not Really! Online payroll has been around for over 10 years now.

Together with Labournet Payroll Solutions you have the guarantee of a quality assured product powered by the pioneers of cloud based payroll, PsiberWORKS.

Whether you simply need capturing or the fully outsourced solution stretching from leave management to IRP5’s at tax year end, look no further than PayrollSmart - The SMART choice when it comes to your interests.

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